Those Who Stand Against

First Day in Winterhaven

The party pressed onward and into Winterhaven where they met and were joined by a gnome wizard. Within the Wrafton’s Inn, the adventurers decided to head south after gathering information of not only a fabled dragon’s horde being excavated but also a kobold warcamp east of the city and an ancient ruin of a keep to the north.

The dragonborn, his kobold, the druid, and the rogue all spent the night in the inn, while the fighter slept on the roof of the inn and the wizard sought refuge in a tree on the city’s outskirts. In the morning they left without the wizard and headed south after rumors of the dragon treasure.

Only hours on the road and they are ambushed once again, this time by a smaller, albeit tougher, group of kobolds. Once again they prevail and overcome the sudden obstacle.

(More to come)

The party meets on the road to Winterhaven.

On a northbound road to Winterhaven on a sunny morning, a shifter fighter, dragonborn sorcerer, eladrin cleric, eladrin rogue, and a half-orc druid are ambushed as simple travellers sharing the same path, and are thrown together in a trial of intrigue. The small party of kobolds slammed the party hard at first, only to have their advance checked by the quickest of the adventurers. When all was said and done, the dragonborn sorcerer, Nicage, had convinced and intimidated a solitary kobold slinger into servitude.


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